"When we  see beauty as something unique and only to be found in remote places we can loose the ability to see it all around us." ~ Dr. Curt Thompson

I graduated from Hillsdale College in 2011 with a degree in Art and a double focus in Fine Art Photography and Art History.  Since graduating, I have continued to develop my artistic skills through work in photography and as an art teacher K-12 . In 2016 I began to teach myself oil painting and I fell completely in love with the medium. Over the last several years I have developed and impressionistic style, characterized by blocky brushstrokes and bold color, over hot pink and purple underpaintings.

Due to having two tiny humans to keep alive, my inspiration is drawn largely from the five mile radius surrounding Grand Rapids. I believe beauty is a source of sustenance that many of us lack in our daily lives; so I seek to capture moments of it in normal ordinary places in the hopes that it inspires all of us to keep finding the beauty right where we are. 

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